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The Stones Part 3 – Element Of Earth

Element Of Earth The element of Earth is about nurturing, abundance, welcoming, and home. It is the element that is about belonging. It is about inclusion and welcoming everyone and finding a place for everyone to shine! Nurturing Nurturing in this context is about self-care and caring for others. It [...]

A Recent Breakthrough Reading

A Recent Breakthrough Reading The other day I had a recent breakthrough reading. After seeing my blog about working with authors a gentleman called me to learn more about the process. He is writing a novel; one of his characters was not taking shape and did not know what to do. [...]

Information About Cowrie Shell Readings – Short Video

Information About Cowrie Shell Readings I have created a quick video to give you information about cowrie shell readings. This is a very unusual tool in western culture and many people have posted comments that clearly indicates they have no idea what this actually is. Clarity Brings Understanding People often [...]

The Stones Part 1 – Element of Fire

The Red Stone: Element Of Fire Cowrie Shell Readings of this nature are a cultural cosmology of the Dagara people of Burkina Faso West Africa. In this blog about the element of fire, there is significance to this stone.  Once the shells are moved in the way that reveals the information, [...]

Guidance and Direction

The Shells Provide Guidance and Direction So often in life, we need clarity, guidance and direction to know what to do. There are many resources that we can use, one of the most accurate and powerful ways I have found is through the cowrie shell readings. This ancient tradition is [...]

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