A Recent Breakthrough Reading

A Recent Breakthrough Reading

The other day I had a recent breakthrough reading. After seeing my blog about working with authors a gentleman called me to learn more about the process. He is writing a novel; one of his characters was not taking shape and did not know what to do. So We did a reading for the character. I asked a few questions to determine its elemental characteristics and had the author spread the shells as though he was the person in the book.

The Information Flowed

It was amazing in a recent breakthrough reading how quickly the character came together. Aspects of the personality, and relationship status, we found out this person had some limiting beliefs that were preventing him from living in his power! We also learned that the character needs to connect with water to cool the combustion of the element of Fire in his life.

Information Equals Expansion

It was so great to see the smile come to the face of the author as the information poured in. A one-hour reading created so much information the author figured I saved her at least a week of development!

Are You Writing A Book?

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Published On: August 27, 2022

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