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The Stones Part 2 The Element of Water

In this blog post, The Stones Part 2, I will talk about the items that represent the element of Water. Water is the only element that has two colors and therefore two stones. The colors are blue and black. You will notice in the featured image that the element of Water takes up the most real estate on the medicine wheel.

The Energy Of This Element

The energy of Water is healing and reconciliation. Water is the element that cools combustion and finds the solution to conflicts. Unlike the red, Fire stone that heats things up, the water stones cool things down. In order to reconcile a situation, the conflict must be eliminated before progress can be made. Also, the word healing in this situation does not mean there is an illness or brokenness necessarily, healing in this capacity is rising to your highest possible potential.

The Blue VS Black Healing

The Blue stone is about the healing that you are aware of that needs to take place. It speaks to the aspect of ordinary reality. While the black one is about the things that are outside of our awareness. It is referred to as the deep water stone. it addresses the aspect of non-ordinary reality.

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Published On: September 14, 2022

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