Transform Obstacles To Opportunities

Guidance and Direction cowrie shell readings by Toby Christensen

Are you ready to find answers to those questions that keep you up at night? Are you interested in discovering your true purpose? Ready to live the fullest life possible?

A Cowrie Shell Reading can help with all of this.

For thousands of Years, tribal shamans and diviners have used cowry Shells as a gateway to the unseen world. A world that holds infinite knowledge, wisdom, and a timeless view we cannot otherwise tap into.

A Cowrie Shell Reading is an empowering and inspiring experience. It provides a clear view of the energy you currently carry and offers a clear pathway for you to achieve your dreams and aspirations. Through this process, the master diviner, Toby Christensen, can bring clarity to questions, conundrums, or current issues that may be preventing you from living your fullest life.

Cowrie Shell Divination can clarify the meaning of your soul’s quest and shed light on obstacles hindering successful living. It offers guidance regarding what you need to do to connect with, or increase your gifts and connect with your life’s purpose.

I met my teacher/mentor Malidoma Some` in 1991. My first experience with him was a cowrie shell reading. In this reading, he told me that the recent tragedies in my life were a blessing from the Ancestors. He said I had a very important job to do and needed to focus on discovering my Genius.

“Everyone is born a genius. It is the job of the village to acknowledge and support the genius that resides in each one of us.” ~ Malidoma Some`

After seven years of study, Malidoma took me to his homeland of Burkina Faso where I met his father and mother. We became brothers on that trip. He called me an African stuck in white skin.

We began to co-facilitate workshops and in 2007 he said: “It is time for you to learn the shells.” That began a long process of sitting side by side and learning the nuances of divination from him. Some of the work was done in Africa and some at his home in Orlando Florida.

It is a great honor to carry this medicine and to help people find clarity, direction, and support.

Toby and Malidoma presenting together in Hawaii

Toby and Malidoma having fun between sessions!

“Dear Toby,

I just wanted to send you a message to say thank you so much for my reading.
I don’t know how to put it into words. let’s just say that I am finally back. All of me. Thanks to you! It seems funny actually that all the work I have been doing has led me away from myself instead of towards myself. I am laughing as I am writing this. To have received such a gift is truly miraculous.

Thank you for being you!”

~ Ariadne