Guidance and Direction cowrie shell readings by Toby Christensen

The Shells Provide Guidance and Direction

So often in life, we need clarity, guidance and direction to know what to do. There are many resources that we can use, one of the most accurate and powerful ways I have found is through the cowrie shell readings. This ancient tradition is as powerful today as it was thousands of years ago when used by tribes in West Africa.

 A Timeless View

For thousands of Years, tribal shamans and diviners have used cowry shells as a gateway to the unseen world. A world that holds infinite knowledge, wisdom, and a timeless view we cannot otherwise tap into.

Obstacles Become Opportunities

A Cowrie Shell Reading is an empowering and inspiring experience. It provides a clear view of the energy you currently carry and offers a clear pathway for you to achieve your dreams and aspirations. Through this process, the master diviner, Toby Christensen, can bring clarity to questions, conundrums, or current issues that may be preventing you from living your fullest life.

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Her Is What People Are Saying

Toby’s readings give me affirmations of things that I’d been sensing but couldn’t fully understand and they help me get clear about how I need to change my thinking and my approach to move forward. Plus, he just makes them really fun. He’s been my reader for at least 10 years, I will keep going back. ~ David,  Chicago

Published On: July 20, 2022

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